Lars Seiler LES architecture+design



In April 2010 we were commissioned by the German Airline GERMANIA to organize the programme for a 4-day press tour to Lebanon and to guide a delegation of journalists through the country.

J├╝rgen Sorges (Tours Magazin): "You were the best that could have happened to us.
No journalist could have researched the knowledge and insights you provided us with!"

Martin Lewicky (Mate Magazine): "Thanks for this great time in Beirut! I needed 12 hours of sleep after my return to let all the impressions settle."

Falko Siewert (Photograper): "You are made for this job! Thank you very much for a great time."

Dirk Becker (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten): "It couldn't have been better. You really did a great job."

Rudolf Hempel: "We were able to gather a lot of interesting information and impressions in a short period of time, thanks to your competent guidance. Thanks again."

Heiko Zwirner (Tip): "It was perfect for us to have you!"

Judith Haase (Germania): "The programme was really perfect and you did a great job."