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lebanonmymind was founded by the German architect Lars Seiler in 2010 inspired by his deep fascination for the city of Beirut, the country of Lebanon and its people.

Lars Seiler first came to Beirut in 2004 for a three months internship at Bernard Khoury's architectural practice - and instantly fell in love with the city.

In preparation of his diploma thesis on Beirut and out of his pure fascination he took every road in the city and the country and read every book and article he could find.

After finishing his diploma about Beirut in Berlin with Bernard Khoury as his juror, he moved to Beirut and started working for DW5 - Bernard Khoury architects.

Next to his work as an architect Lars Seiler, who is also running the music labels minimood and agora audio, regularly played as a DJ under his pseudonym Erich Bogatzky at the most renowned club in the country, The Basement, where he is still returning for performances regularly.

In 2006 he left Beirut due to the war and returned to Berlin where his first action was a big fund raising event at the famous Watergate Club in Berlin, where he gathered the who-is-who of electronic music to raise money for the victims of the war - resulting in a donation of almost 10.000 $.

After finishing an update of a Lebanon travel guide book and a press tour for Germania Airlines he is currrently working on his first book on Beirut which will be published at the end of 2013.

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